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Soy nadie de importancia

No sé que es mi vida.
Apr 18 '11

So I compared lyrics

pop music:

Yeah you can shake some more, make you wanna say it
Ooh you got it, because you make me wanna say
Don’t stop it – I want you tonight
I’m a Dade county, self paid self made millionaire
I used to play around the world, now I’m around the world – gettin paid
Girl problems, no problems – doin anything that won’t solve em
I wanna get witcha mami, now let me see what the lord split cha

"emo" music:

Get the feeling that you’re never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
She dies
At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home

pop music:

Let it out now, girl what you drinkin’, gon’ let it sink in
Here for a weekend, thinkin’, we can
See where we could be if we press fast forward
Just one more round and you’re down I’d know it
Fill another cup up, feelin’ on your butt what
You don’t even care now, I was unaware
How fine you was before
My buzz set in, my buzz set in

"emo" music:

Get off the ledge and drop the knife
Not a victim of a victim’s life
Because this ain’t a room full of suicides
We’re believers, I believe tonight
We can leave this world, leave it all behind
We can steal this car if your folks don’t mind
We can live forever if you’ve got the time

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    Emo means potato in Japanese. So, fuck yeah. I’m a potato.
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